407ETR Adds EAM for Preventative Maintenance Resourcing

about 407ETR

A private operator and manager of 108 km east-west across the top of the Greater Toronto Area, taking 407 ETR across the GTA means avoiding congestion. Transit providers and businesses rely on it to move people and goods quickly across the Greater Toronto Area.


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The Challenge

407ETR faced the challenge of efficiently managing a diverse range of assets, including fleet, right-of-way (ROW) infrastructure, cameras, properties, and ponds. With the constant need for expansion and the growing fleet size, the organization required a comprehensive solution to streamline operations, enhance maintenance practices, and ensure regulatory compliance.

What did
Elevotec do?

Elevotec partnered with 407ETR to implement an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution tailored to their specific needs.

The EAM system organized the fleet equipment based on usage, incorporating Preventative Maintenance ABC and MOT inspections. Elevotec integrated a structured workflow where third-party contractors performed inspections, and the results seamlessly communicated back to Fleet administration.

The system also tracked break/fix work orders and managed seasonal readiness for Winter Snow clearing equipment.

The Results

The technology that we use to support 407ETR

HxGN EAM System

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