Enterprise Asset Management

Your best-in-class asset management solution, finely-tuned to elevate efficiency across diverse industries.

Welcome to the future of asset management.

Designed to empower industries spanning transit, utilities, manufacturing, healthcare, chemicals, life sciences, and food and beverage, it’s the best-in-class choice for organizations aiming to enhance efficiency and thrive in today’s competitive landscape.


HxGN EAM adapts to your evolving needs with modern, scalable architecture and industry-specific adaptations.

Robust Toolkit

Streamline asset maintenance, boost performance, and enhance visibility with HxGN EAM's rich feature set.

Efficiency & Compliance

HxGN EAM ensures regulatory compliance while streamlining asset management for maximum efficiency.

Gartner's Approval

Gartner, a global tech authority, endorsed HxGN EAM as a top enterprise asset management solution.

Doing more with less.

HxGN EAM is your secret to executing maintenance tasks with pinpoint accuracy, slashing equipment costs, and elevating performance.

Customized for your industry.

HxGN EAM isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries.


Optimize asset performance, minimize downtime, and enhance safety, all while keeping costs in check.


HxGN EAM enables precise asset tracking and maintenance, compliance adherence, and efficient cost control.


Say goodbye to production delays and hello to enhanced productivity.


Maintain critical healthcare assets for optimal patient care.

Chemicals & Life Sciences

HxGN EAM streamlines asset management, ensuring you meet all regulations efficiently and cost-effectively.

Food & Beverage

Maintain your operations at peak performance and meet the rising market demands effortlessly.

Experience the Elevotec effect.

The principals for Elevotec are experienced operators of capital assets and they have tens of years’ experience implementing software, process change and integrations. I have used them for three implementations because of their approach that leads to success. If your organization picked the correct technology (and I believe that HxGN EAM is an excellent tool), Elevotec principals can deliver a working solution. I would use Elevotec on my next asset implementation.

Mike May

MBA, CIO GFL Environmental



EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) involves managing assets throughout their lifecycle. It contributes to business success by ensuring optimal asset performance, minimizing downtime, and extending asset lifespan.

Certainly. EAM systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with other business solutions, such as ERP and BI. This integration enhances data accuracy, provides a holistic view of operations, and facilitates informed decision-making.

EAM schedules and manages preventive maintenance, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns. This proactive approach helps businesses maintain optimal efficiency, lower maintenance costs, and extend the life of their assets.

You can download HxGN EAM brochure with all the main features here. In addition, you can download Elevotec company brochure here.

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